Mayor of Hebron offers 20 shekels to anyone who kills a stray dog

The mayor of Hebron in the West Bank has promised the modest sum of 20 shekels (5 euros) to anyone who kills a stray dog ​​or hands it over to the city authorities.

Although the announcement drew condemnation from Palestinian Authority residents, some killed dogs and brought their remains to the municipality.

In the photos posted on social networks, we can see, among other things, a vehicle in the trunk of which were placed dog carcasses. In addition, a photo was published in which young people in the city, including children, beat a dog with sticks.

In another video, a child is seen holding both paws of a stray dog, dragging it several yards.

Following the criticism, some demanded to stop giving the monetary reward to the dog killers.

“It is shocking and terrible, and there is no doubt that it is even more shocking because there is a monetary reward for these murders”, reacted Yael Arkin, CEO of Let Live and Live, association for the animal protection in Israel.

The phenomenon of stray dogs in the West Bank is well known. Last February, a 10-year-old girl was attacked by stray dogs.

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