Mathias Pogba indicted and imprisoned, his lawyer announces to appeal the decision!

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New twist in the Pogba affair! As announced this evening, Mathias Pogba has been indicted “for extortion and criminal association“. He has just been placed in pre-trial detention. As indicated by BFM TV, “four other suspects aged 27 to 36 have also been indicted and imprisoned in this case.”

Still at the microphone of BFM, Mathias’ lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou has already announced that this decision will be challenged:

“It’s a decision that we do not understand, especially since justice has recognized that Mr. Pogba did not participate in the acts of kidnapping of which his brother was allegedly the victim. So the constant justice that the offense The most serious reproach does not concern my client, but unfortunately we have a decision that goes against a case by placing him in detention. Mr. Pogba could perfectly have and should have been released during this judicial investigation. So that will not stop there, we will of course challenge this decision from a legal point of view so that Mr. Pogba can be released as soon as possible. This is an individual who has never talk about him, who has a clean criminal record, who is not a thug, who is presumed innocent, and the elements of this file, it is my assessment, show that he has not committed any criminal offence. So for a person who may not have, and I’m telling you certainly not committed an offense p Finally, ending up in prison is extremely difficult. So we are going to fight so that he can get out as soon as possible.”

to summarize

Mathias Pogba has just been indicted “for extortion and criminal association” and placed in pre-trial detention this evening!

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