Mastiff attacks police dog


FranceMastiff attacks police dog

In Rouen, an agent opened fire on a particularly aggressive amstaff.

An amstaff attacked a police dog, biting it twice.

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The agents of Rouen, in Seine-Maritime, dealt with a hound who attacked their police dog. They had to use a taser and then open fire to scare the animal away.

The police were called in the night from Saturday to Sunday, around 2 a.m., for a suspicious man spotted with a rifle. When officers arrived at the scene, the wanted individual was attempting to conceal his weapon under a car, relates France Bleu.

During this time, his dog, an Amstaff (American Staffordshire), who was neither leashed nor muzzled, approached the police. Faced with this aggressive hound, the agents decided to inflict an electric shock on him with their taser.

Thigh hit

But that didn’t stop amstaff for long. He came back and bit the police dog on the neck. The officers managed to get him to let go but the mastiff attacked again, biting the police dog on one leg. This time, impossible to make him let go. A policeman then decided to draw his weapon and shot the mastiff, hitting him in the thigh. The animal then fled and has not been found since.

The police dog was taken to the care of a veterinarian, who stitched him up for his paw injury.

The owner of the mastiff, 29, was arrested and placed in police custody for possession of a prohibited weapon. The amstaff attack is further considered an assault with a “weapon by destination”.

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