Man’s best friend to dog: But is it reciprocal?

Dogs Trust has published new research which shows we still have some way to go in exploring whether dogs invest in the human/dog bond in the same way as their owners.

When the UK’s largest canine charity conducted a series of interviews with different types of dog owners to explore this link, she found that current methods used to measure it focus on the human side and fail too often not to capture the dog’s point of view. Understanding the bond between owners and their dogs, and why it sometimes breaks, is an important aspect of the charity’s work in trying to reduce the number of people who abandon their dogs because they don’t have to. no longer cope or no longer want them.

Through a series of interviews conducted with different types of dog sitters, including single dog owners, multiple dog owners and service dogs, the charity’s research team uncovered several seemingly common in bonding between dog and owner – in particular understanding from the dog’s point of view.

Some of the best ways homeowners can establish a special link with their dog include:

  • Building Trust and Conducting Activities which generate a positive association can promote increased closeness and a unique bond, which can be closer than the dog’s bonds with other members of the household
  • Positive reinforcement during dog training and other aspects of management are great ways to bond
  • Games and activities adapted to dogsto enjoy the fun together
  • Defend your dog – support your dog appropriately when he finds situations difficult To learn more about using positive reinforcement training methods,

Do not hesitate to visit the pages of the canine schools. They offer small group, reward-based training to encourage positive behavior and help you understand your dog and prevent future problems.

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