Man sentenced for leaving six puppies without food and in their feces

In the courtyard of a dwelling in Brunoy, in Essonne, the six Australian shepherds were found in a deplorable state in July 2021. The owner was sentenced to two fines of 500 euros each, 2,500 euros in damages and interest and a ban on keeping an animal for three years, on October 28.

Found dirty, thin and fearful

The poor animals were found in a 9 m² yard, full of excrement. They were trying somehow to shelter under pallets. The owner, who did not appear at the hearing, was sentenced for “ill-treatment and maintenance in a habitat or an environment that could cause suffering”.

The puppies were taken in by the Stéphane Lamart association “For the defense of animal rights”. “It’s a victory. We were asking for no more, no less, just that reparations be made for these animals. When we picked them up, they were dirty, a little thin, fearful, not socialized at all,” says the association.

He gave them neither food nor drink.

It seems that the man intended to sell these dogs, to round off his ends of the month. This breed, Australian Shepherds, are indeed very fashionable. They can sell for between 1,000 and 1,500 euros each. The neighbors sounded the alarm. They noticed that the puppies were constantly outside, day and night, with nothing to eat or drink.

“To the police officers of the Montgeron police station, the owner declared that the puppies lived outside while he cleaned their living room”, according to the association’s lawyer. This room measured 6 m² and was in an unsanitary state. However, the standard is 5 m² per animal. The foster families who welcomed them will finally be able to officially adopt, whom they have been caring for for almost a year.

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