magistrates, lawyers and clerks denounce the “dilapidation of justice”

Justice professionals met at the Lyon court.

Tuesday, November 22, legal professionals gathered at the Lyon Court of Justice to denounce “the dilapidated state of justice“.

It is rare to see these women and men in dresses speaking up to talk about themselves. More than their personal situation, it was a question of the state of justice this Tuesday, November 22 in room C of the Judicial Court of Lyon. The mood was serious. In the speeches, anger, a little, “sadness“, a lot.

One year after the column published in the newspaper The world, baptized, “We no longer want a justice that does not listen and that times everything“, magistrates, lawyers and clerks gathered to “take stock“. Results : “not a line to remove“, asserts Véronique Drahi of the magistrates’ union. One by one, the representatives of the juvenile court, the prosecution, the judge of freedoms or family affairs, took the floor to depict their daily lives.

We are used to participating in a system that mistreats us and mistreats its litigants.

A daily made of “extended days, incidents or violence in waiting rooms or surgeries“. All denounce “forced workforce” and the recruitment of untrained contract workers when permanent positions are needed. IT tools “unsuitable or even obsolete“, the difficulties of clerks in obtaining payment for their overtime. These issues call into question the dedication of those who make justice work: “We are worn out from participating in a system that mistreats us and mistreats its citizens, lamented a family court judge. And to add: but we still want to believe in quality justice.

“Slaughtering hearings”

Tuesday, October 18, a magistrate suffered a heart attack in the middle of a hearing at the Nanterre Criminal Court, a tragedy which the unions had not wished to take advantage of to put forward their demands, but which was already taking place in a context of lack of means. This November 22, magistrates of the civil chamber recalled that one of their colleagues has been on sick leave for a year because of too much suffering at work. Magistrate who, moreover, has only been replaced so “punctual“.

We see you behind your dresses, behind your desks, behind your platforms, it’s moving to hear you talk about yourself, and I salute your courage to speak in an institution that is not used to it.“, added Thomas Fourrey, of the lawyers’ union of France. He wished to highlight “the state of disrepair” of justice, a situation that changes the very nature of the profession of lawyer: “today, our role is to explain the dysfunctions of justice to our clients“, he adds.

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24 months on average to obtain a judgment at the Court of Appeal, 27 months for the commercial chamber, almost 10 months for cases related to minors, and as much for divorces. Delays “keep getting longer“, deplore the magistrates who go so far as to mention “slaughter hearings“.

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