Madagascar and several countries in Africa in the crosshairs of the USA

Seventeen African countries, including Madagascar, did not support the US resolution to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This week, the U.S. Parliament is considering a bill titled: “Countering Malicious Activities of Russia in Africa Act.” Basically, African states suspected of not closing the door to Russia will be sanctioned.

The US Parliament is threatening to impose sanctions on African countries that did not support the resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 17 countries did not follow the USA at the beginning of March by not voting favorably for this resolution presented to the UN.

Fifteen days after the election, American diplomats had tried to reverse this trend by stressing that their country would ensure that alternatives to the basic products that these countries imported from Russia were found.

Yes, most leaders had not reacted, Cyril ramaphosaPresident of South Africa, sharply criticized the deployment of theNATO along the border Russian and the great powers which have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, wrote BBC Afrique on March 18, 2022.

African countries that have not condemned Russia risk reprisals. In February 2021, the US Senate published a list of 20 countries under Russian influence and in which Wagner Group mercenaries would operate.

Among them was the presence of Central African Republic, Mozambique, Sudan and Madagascar. These countries would henceforth be under influence and, according to the American senators, the interests of the USA are threatened.

Clearly, if the bill “on countering Russia’s malign activities in Africa” is adopted, the United States may intervene directly to: “Strengthen democratic institutions, improve government transparency and accountability, improve standards relating to human rights, labor, anti-corruption initiatives, fiscal transparency, monitor natural resources and extractive industries and other principles of good governance,” note Midi-Madagascar.

Claire Annette Pierangelo, the new United States Ambassador to Madagascar August 2022

Claire Annette Pierangelo, the new United States Ambassador to Madagascar took office at the end of June 2022


Is it a coincidence, the new US ambassador to Madagascar is Claire-Annette Pierangelo. She replaces Michael Pelletier, who left the Big Island last year to retire. Her replacement is a less consensual diplomat, if needed. She studied at the American War School, reveals

She took office end June 2022 and had been officially appointed in this position in March 2022, a few days after the vote at the UN.

For the record, seventeen African countries abstained in the vote to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine: South Africa, Algeria, Uganda, Burundi, Senegal, South Sudan,MaliMozambique, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, the Central African RepublicMadagascar, Tanzania and the Congo.

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