Lourdes: the owner of a restaurant and her daughter file a complaint for assault and battery after an assault

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The owner of a restaurant and her daughter filed a complaint after being attacked in their establishment on Thursday.

This Friday evening, a passerby who walks her dog is surprised: “They are closed, it changes!” In the neighborhood, the absence of the terrace of this restaurant and bar usually open every evening except Sunday is surprising. But the rumor is already circulating with traders located nearby, especially at the top of Boulevard de la Grotte: an altercation pitted the managers against six pilgrims from the Traveler community. The restaurant therefore only opens at 7 p.m. and only inside.

At the service, the owner’s daughter, who displays a coquard. Her mother has two bruises on her elbow.

A double attack

It is she who relates the facts, which took place in two stages, during the day on Thursday. The first clash takes place in the middle of the afternoon. Several men meet for a drink. One of the six comes forward to pay for the second round. But on the note, appears a variegated instead of half a peach. The same mention because the price of the two drinks is the same. But he gets annoyed: “That’s not what I ordered!”. And to “swing” the tickets to the waitress, according to the words of the boss. Then he starts spitting on the terrace. The manager does not disassemble and points out to him that it is she who cleans. “That’s what you’re here for!” he shouted. Before, a little later, starting to spill beer on tables and chairs… New words with the owner, including insults. The man would have called her “racist”, she reports. The men eventually leave.

Coquard and bruises

But, around 6:30 p.m., some of them, including the most vehement, are again in front of the establishment. This time, the manager, who testifies anonymously for fear of reprisals, explains that the man urinates on the tables and chairs. Before grabbing her by the wrist and pressing her against the wall. Her daughter takes a blow from which she still bears the marks. Then the men flee.

Interpellation and judicial summons

The boss, who leaves his kitchen in the lurch and finds it on the verge of conflagration, and the girl chase them. The waitress had alerted the police. The latter end up stopping the men a little higher. The two women filed a complaint for assault and battery. Only the man who assaulted the two women is being prosecuted. He is summoned before the criminal court on April 6, 2023 to answer the facts. He was left free.

The two women have made contact with the security coordinator of the pilgrimage. The mayor, Thierry Lavit, came to inquire about what had happened.

“The other years, we never had a problem, notes the boss. Families come and there are no worries.” A minority that harms the image of an already stigmatized community.

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