Lotto jackpot reaches $1 billion in the United States

The American PowerBall offers a new jackpot with an astronomical amount – much larger than those put into play in France during the Euromillions and the Loto.

Soon a new billionaire in the United States? The PowerBall jackpot, the main American lottery, will reach one billion dollars – more than 1 billion euros – this Monday evening, reports Associated Press.

However, this is not a record, specifies the news agency: the biggest prize ever at stake, 1.58 billion dollars, was shared in 2016 between three winners living in California, Florida and in Tennessee.

1 billion over 29 years or 497 million immediately

The lucky ones who choose the right numbers will not necessarily see the billion in their bank account. The lottery indeed offers a difficult choice to the winners: either they receive the full jackpot, but in the form of an annuity paid for 29 years, or they receive a lesser amount, but in a single payment.

In this case, the price will no longer be 1 billion, but “only” 497.3 million dollars – which still represents almost 500 million euros.

For comparison, French players must settle for a jackpot of 142 million euros for the next Euromillions draw, scheduled for Tuesday. More profitable than the Loto, whose jackpot is currently 10 million euros.

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