Lorraine. A man films himself on Snapchat in the process of butchering a cat: an open investigation

The scene, particularly gory, was broadcast on social networks. (©DR)

It is a particularly sordid affair that has arisen on social networks, this Wednesday, November 2, 2022: a man who would be from around Freyming-Merlebach (Moselle) filmed himself on Snapchat with a dead cat.

A complaint, that Lorraine News has been procured, has been deposited. The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) has announced its intention to file a civil action.

Gore videos shared on Snapchat

We got the videos, extremely gory. On the first, we see the man remove the eye of the inert animalplaced on the edge of a bloody sink, then lifted him by the ear while declaring: “My mother’s life, man, it’s a real cat”.

In the second video, the cat is on the ground and bathed in a pool of blood. He shakes him, saying: “Oh, I think he’s a little dead there, isn’t he? before throwing him to the ground. The following video shows him in a selfie, moving to music. We can see again the inert and bloody catplaced on the edge of a sink, with a knife nearby.

Finally, on the last video, we see him lifting part of the cat’s skin, which seems partly butchered.

An ongoing investigation and the suspect identified

After discovering the videos, Victoria, an Internet user, made a report to an animal association which shared the information on Twitter.

Contacted by Lorraine Newsthe Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) explains that it was made aware of the facts via the tweet in question: “The facts have been reported and taken into account. They were sent to the general staff as well as to the Saint-Avold police station”.

Videos: currently on Actu

According to a police source, “the Sarreguemines prosecutor’s office has been informed and the person behind the video may have been identified by its IP address. An investigation is underway “. This Wednesday around 6 p.m., the suspect was not yet arrested.

He allegedly shot his cat in the head

On social networks, the case caused a stir and the name of the individual in question was posted. Some Internet users then contacted him directly.

According to the DDSP, which accessed the messages exchanged, the suspect specifies to those who contact him that “he would not have decapitated his cat alive but that he would have put a bullet in the head of his cat before cutting it up”.

Near Lorraine News, Victoria describes the author of the video as someone “completely crazy” and considers that “we have to talk about it. On the videos, there is blood everywhere, it is a butcher’s shop and he is laughing”.

Contacted by us, the Sarreguemines court and the Saint-Avold police station did not respond to our requests. We also contacted the person identified by some as the author of the video, to no avail.

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