Loosely Abandoned Puppy With Broken Legs Needs Urgent Care, Charity Calls For Help

This poor pup was found in very bad shape by a member of the public who took him to an animal rescue centre. Nevertheless, the latter is tested by the large wave of abandonments recorded this year and cannot free himself from the costs of his veterinary care. An online kitty has been set up to help him.

The non-profit organization Oakwood Dog Rescuesituated at Kingston upon Hull to UKwas entrusted with a young canine in a deplorable state of health.

He was abandoned with his siblings in a nearby area, but was discovered several days later. If his littermates are in good shape, he, on the other hand, needs urgent care.

Indeed, the poor baby finds himself with the 2 arched front legs due to painful fractures.

Based on the vet’s diagnosis, it’s highly likely that he was thrown from a moving vehicle. This act of extreme violence would have caused his serious injuries which today prevent him from moving with ease.

Unfortunately, the association in his charge is having financial problems due to the large number of dropouts reported this summer.

A kitty to help him

The volunteers, saddened by the condition of the unfortunate baby, then imagined organizing a call for donations on the group’s social networks.

“The cubs visited the vets today for a check up and there are a few health issues to report that require further investigation. At least one of the puppies is going to need an x-ray”a spokesperson told HullLive.

The price of this examination amounts to more than 400 euros, and the sum of the medical expenses could well be much more consequent when the verdict will have fallen.

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“We hope to be able to start operations quickly so that this puppy receives the care he needs as soon as possible”the organization added.

In the meantime, the babies were taken to a caring foster family.

So far, 675 euros have been collected. The bow-legged pup should therefore soon see the animal doctor again.


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