Lombez: with “Chez Mamé”, the heart of the village has come back to life

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The cultural café-restaurant celebrated its first anniversary with its customers and elected officials.

The cultural café-restaurant “Chez Mamé” has just blown out its first candle on this first Saturday in September. Mélanie and Mathieu Desplas are happy to show their satisfaction because the success of their business is the result of a lot of work, audacity and involvement, with an efficient staff. Attendance continued throughout the year. And Saturday at the end of the day, an aperitif was offered on the terrace to the many friends and supporters of the establishment, then the tables flowered up to the forecourt of the cathedral to welcome the guests who came from all walks of life to celebrate this first birthday.

Among them, to congratulate them, Christine Beyria deputy mayor representing the city councilor and two regional councillors, Muriel Abadie de Pujaudran, vice-president of the Region and Séverine Carchon de Simorre who wanted to show their esteem for the tenants of this high place. arts, culture and gastronomy because “Chez Mamé” cultivates quality, health and beauty. Its animation brings life back to the heart of the village.

It is a joy for the inhabitants who like to meet there as during this evening which was animated by two groups of musicians: “Les filles à papa”, a trio of charm and talent and “Nina”, accompanied of a guitarist and drummer who has already come for a solo concert, Jérémie Cazorla. “Life is beautiful thanks to Mamé”, said a customer tasting her aperitif.

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