Loik Le Priol indicted and imprisoned “unsurprisingly”, his lawyer evokes “a real tragedy”

Sir, unsurprisingly, you are taken into custody “. When the decision of the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD) was announced, Loïk Le Priol, a robust figure strapped in a black jacket with a raised collar, framed by four police officers in the narrow box, did not blink. A little earlier in the day, the former soldier had been indicted for “murder” and “possession of weapons” in the case concerning the death of Federico Martin Aramburu, the former Argentinian player of Biarritz Olympique, killed by bullets on March 19 in Paris. Loïk Le Priol is suspected of having fired several times at the former rugby player following a violent altercation in a bar in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

To justify this incarceration, the JLD mentioned the risk of disturbing public order as well as the risk of repetition because of the ” course of violence by this former member of the GUD (Groupe Union Défense), already under indictment in a case of aggravated violence and on file S because of his anchorage in extremism.

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Death of Federico Martin Aramburu: the story of an evening that turned tragic

“Explicit threats”

A little earlier, the interested party, fine musketeer-like mustache, beard collar, hair styled on the side, cast, from his box, a few furtive glances towards the benches of the small courtroom 4.08 where a dozen of journalists who came to attend the hearing. Who will finally be asked to leave the premises – before being allowed to return for deliberation -, the prosecution like Loïk Le Priol’s lawyer, Me Xavier Nogueras, having asked that the debates take place behind closed doors, in order to to preserve its serenity while the case arouses a “lively excitement”.

The family of Loïc Le Priol suffers explicit threats from people claiming to be from the Basque community and people from the ultra left “, explained Me Xavier Nogueras.

It’s a real drama, he recognized it as such during his hearing.

Accounts of the case leaked even before an investigating judge was appointed “, also regretted the lawyer.

military knives

Unlike his sidekick, Romain Bouvier, also suspected of having shot the former Argentinian international and indicted last Friday during the debates before the JLD, Loïk Le Priol does not seem to have opted for the strategy of silence, judging by the four sheets that the clerk asked him to initial: ” Read your statements carefully to see if there are any errors. “. ” We have versions of the facts that need to be confronted “, will confirm the JLD. At the exit of the courtroom, Me Xavier Nogueras did not wish to comment: “ My client does not wish to make more statements than those he made in the context of the proceedings before the judge”

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Subject to a European arrest warrant, Loïk Le Priol, on the run since the day of the tragedy, was arrested on March 22 at the Hungarian border post of Zahony while trying to enter Ukraine, “ to fight “, he told the Hungarian police. Three military-style knives were then found in his vehicle. Extradited from Hungary, the former commando had been transferred last night to Paris aboard an Air France flight before being placed in detention pending his presentation to an examining magistrate.

In this case, Romain Bouvier, also evolving in the extreme right movement, had been placed in detention in the prison of Health. A 24-year-old woman, dietetics student and girlfriend of Loïk Le Priol, has for her part been indicted for “complicity in murder” and incarcerated. On the evening of the incident, she had driven the Jeep belonging to her companion, from which shots were allegedly fired.

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