LITTLE CORNERS: You won’t want to get up from those toilets anymore

A toilet in the middle of nature. This architectural work of art is located on a motorway service area in Norway and is accessible to the general public.


LITTLE CORNERSYou won’t want to get up from these toilets anymore.

Located in the countryside, at the back of a restaurant or in town, these five toilets do much more than simply fulfill their primary function.

As everyone knows, toilets are the calling card of restaurants, hotels and tourist sites and are therefore decisive for customer satisfaction. Here’s a compilation of five restrooms from around the world that make a trip to the bathroom an unforgettable moment and provide the perfect backdrop for one selfie or another.

Futuristic: Tokyo, Japan

Sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque: in Tokyo, it is possible to see at first glance if the toilets are occupied and if they are clean.

Sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque: in Tokyo, it is possible to see at first glance if the toilets are occupied and if they are clean.

Japan is a pioneer in modern toilets, not only in private places and hotels, but also in public places. As part of the Tokyo Toilets project, 17 public toilets have been redesigned in the Shibuya district to make them more accessible, more innovative and more futuristic. One of these toilets is in the Yoyogi Fukamachi minipark and allows you to see at first glance whether the toilets are free and clean. But do not panic! As soon as you lock the door, the cabin glass becomes opaque thanks to a new technology. Practice!

Glamour: Annabel’s Private Club, London

Less accessible to the general public, the toilets of the English private club Annabel’s are all the more luxurious. They are unfortunately reserved for members belonging largely to the London elite. Mick Jagger and Princess Diana are among the many celebrities to have had the privilege of being invited to the club. The four-storey building houses several restaurants, bars, a cigar lounge, a nightclub and a garden terrace. We owe the Alice in Wonderland style toilet design to architect Martin Brudnizki.

Audience: Ureddplassen, Norway

If you ever find yourself on the Helgelandskysten road in Norway, be sure to plan a pee stop at the Ureddplassen motorway rest area, north of the polar circle. There is a perfectly camouflaged public toilet, inside an eight-meter high building of glass and concrete, which blends in perfectly with its environment. It is the architectural office Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter from Oslo which is at the origin. It is a small corner ideal for admiring natural phenomena such as the midnight sun or the northern lights.

Green: B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park, Slovenia

In the Slovenian capital, the B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is all about green. Not just in terms of colors, but also in terms of durability. This city hotel has even installed its own beehives on the roof to promote biodiversity in Ljubljana. The toilets therefore naturally had to be, too, in harmony with nature. The French designer toilet manufacturer Trone, which raises the bar to a whole new level, is behind this achievement.

Hypercool: Restaurant Giorgio, Paris

The toilets of the Parisian restaurant Giorgio are also signed Trone. The Italian restaurant is not only worth a visit for its Instagrammable interior and delicious pizzas, but also for a stylish trip to the bathroom. Whether it’s for the perfect selfie, to get you in the after-dinner mood, or just to empty your bladder, this is a highlight not to be missed.

What is the most spectacular toilet you have ever seen?

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