Lille: kebab specialist, Berliner das Original settles in Grand-Place

Temple of the kebab in Berlin, the fast-food Berliner das Original will settle at the corner of rue des Sept-Agaches in the former Crédit Agricole branch.

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Work is in progress in the former bank branch located opposite the Vieille-Bourse. The Berliner das Original channel has set its sights on Lille.

City very popular with street-food concepts where competition has been raging in recent years. Core target: students and urban youth hungry at any time of the day (and night).

The first Berliner DO restaurant opened its doors in 2018 in Paris (11th) but its history, across the Rhine, dates back to the 1970s. Associated with the BrandBaker group (Fresh Burritos, Canard Street, etc.), the brand intends to rehabilitate the döner kebab in France. This meat specialty on a skewer (beef or chicken), served with fries, is very popular but also suffers from certain prejudices. No coincidence that the term kebab does not appear in the name of the brand which has just opened up to the franchise.

Bakery breads, fresh vegetables and homemade sauces, the brand surfs on the codes of artisanal cuisine with a falafel offer for vegetarians. Advertised price: around 10 euros.

The chain is considering a dozen openings in France in the coming months.

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