Lidl launches a range of food products for Halloween 2022!

For Halloween, Lidl invites its customers to discover the most delicious snacks and other sweets to celebrate the holiday in a gourmet way

Halloween is fast approaching! To celebrate this unique holiday, Lidl has planned a multitude of delicious things to put under our (vampire) teeth. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The best snacks are at Lidl for Halloween

On October 31, monsters and witches are out again to celebrate Halloween. Coming from the United States, this festival has now become a must in France as well.

This is a unique time of year when everyone is encouraged to dress up in spooky costumes just for the fun of it. But Halloween is also a party where we share delicious snacks.

Everyone knows the famous phrase “trick or treat” (a spell or a candy, editor’s note). Indeed, on this special day, it is customary to go and beg for sweets from everyone by knocking on doors.

But at Lidl, we also have something to delight young and old alike. In fact, this year again, the brand that decided to remove self-service checkoutspulled out all the stops to celebrate Halloween with dignity.

Currently, it is possible to find in store everything you need to enjoy yourself during the festivities. Snacks, crisps, sweets, drinks… Find at the discounter what to organize a fiesta of hell!

Like with these chips in the shape of grinning pumpkins or ghosts, to share with family or friends. Also enjoy these Halloween chicken nuggets to dip in the sauce of your choice. A must for the taste buds.

Also fall for their variant: Chilli cheese nuggets, with a spicier taste. And why not also have a pizza evening? Queens of convivial meals, these are also on the menu for this Halloween 2022.

Lidl launches a range of food products for Halloween 2022!

A party everyone loves

At Lidl, come and discover the special mozzarella, bacon and pumpkin with a resolutely original taste! To put a good mood on your plate, also discover a trio of pasta in the shape of spiders, bats and pumpkins.

And because a meal can’t end without sweets, Lidl is launching the Halloween candy basket which is a hit every time.

In this pumpkin-shaped jump, you’ll find dozens of goodies to trade and share. Why not also fill this basket with rainbow cookies with multicolored chocolate chips?

Or delicious mini candy bars with chocolate and caramel or soft marshmallows? In the frozen section of Lidl, fall for its ghosts of vanilla ice cream and salted butter. Hum!

A real treat for gourmets. Finally, in the must-have sweets section, Lidl offers you dozens of references.

Like these Halloween trollies of all colors with a delicious tangy taste! And then, we’ll finish with this big box of gummy candies in the shape of skulls, rats, pumpkins or ghosts to share until there’s not a single one left.

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