@LEX AVOCATS, digital law is combined with women

This is the story of a Marseille law firm, as there could be dozens. And yet, in many respects, @LEX AVOCATS adopts a particular positioning. Founded in 2016, the company is one of the few Marseille firms specializing solely in digital law, supporting ESNs or companies that have part of their activity in tech, e-commerce or e-sport, for example. . This involves subjects of digital law in its broadest sense, with the legal security of contracts, the outsourcing of DPO, data valuation, risk management, cybersecurity and compliance, with in mind GDPR list. ” Today, it is an important subject, but compliance goes beyond the simple fact of respecting the text. It should no longer be seen as an obstacle, but as an opportunity “says Alexandra Barberis, founder of @LEX AVOCATS.

A member of numerous working groups and professional associations, the firm offers several offers and services to support its clients in managing their legal issues related to digital matters. A firm on a human scale, @LEX AVOCATS puts the relationship with its clients at the heart of its priorities, as Alexandra explains: ” I really want our customers to see us as partners. We are an outsourced firm, so there is no day-to-day relationship. We place ourselves near them, like sentinels, with a clear message: continue to focus on your job, on what you know how to do while on our side, we make sure that everything goes well. We do the job in an atypical way, almost adopting the posture of consultants “. The company nevertheless remains a law firm and therefore drastically respects all the ethics required by its profession.

A committed female firm

If @LEX AVOCATS stands out for its particular positioning, the same goes for the values ​​promoted on a daily basis. Entirely feminine, the firm assumes a feminist positioning, but practiced in a gentle and non-demanding way. ” I have always considered that the law is about rebalancing things. Based on this vision, we seek to rediscover a form of fairness in relationships by working on a daily basis to offer women a healthy working and living space. We obviously work with male partners, but governance remains female “said Alexandra. The values ​​of the firm are also reflected in the personal commitments of its employees, who act in their daily lives for important causes in society, such as the fight against cancer, the animal cause, cybersecurity, etc.

It is in this quest for balance and constant search for performance that @LEX AVOCATS seeks to recruit new lawyers, attracted by this benevolent working atmosphere and by the Old Port of Marseille. A boon to grow professionally and humanely.

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