Les Rochers-de-Naye (VD): Seven hours to save a puppy that fell ten meters


Rochers-de-Naye (VD)Seven hours to save a puppy that fell ten meters

Significant resources were deployed to recover an animal stuck at the bottom of a hole.

The rescued animal was a 6 month old border collie. (illustrative image)


On Sunday, a young dog fell ten meters in Rochers-de-Naye (VD). He was unharmed but stuck in a deep, narrow crevice. It took 7 hours to get him out of this mess.

An employee of a mountain pasture in Rochers-de-Naye, a 19-year-old shepherd was looking for mushrooms with a friend and Frida, his 6-month-old border collie. But around 11 a.m. relates “24 hours” he heard a “big noise”. Then he quickly discovered that his animal had fallen into a narrow hole about ten meters deep. “I saw his eyes which shone in the background”, testifies the young man. But then he knew nothing of Frida’s state of health.

The shepherd left to look for ropes and harnesses in the hope of recovering his animal. At the same time, he warned his relatives and his mother decided to alert the emergency services. Three firefighters from the SDIS Riviera went to the scene.

A cushioned fall

After the difficult location of the young dog, the rescuers understood that the intervention will be complicated and that they will have to set up a “rope device”. Three members of Secours Alpin were then mobilized, like a MOB train to transport equipment.

Finally, a rescuer managed to slip into the sixty-centimetre-wide crevice and come out with Frida. The fall of the animal had probably been cushioned by branches and the dog was unharmed. And its owner very grateful for all these efforts.

In all, underlines the Vaudois daily, the intervention to save Frida lasted 7 hours.

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