L’En-But, in Clermont-Ferrand, offers a gastronomic view of the Michelin stadium

What a view ! From the dining room, the panorama over the Marcel-Michelin grounds is simply breathtaking. Located inside the stadium, upstairs, L’En-But and its new contemporary decor (everything was redone this summer) is a welcome gourmet spot in the République/1er Mai district.

The boss

Stéphane Ranieri is one of the Toques d’Auvergne, which means that promoting products from our region is close to his heart. Owner of the restaurant, he has also been the cook since it opened. His name is not unknown to you if you have followed the cooking show Le Combat des Régions: the chef of the Auvergne team was him!

Defeated but not knocked out, the Clermont chef Stéphane Ranieri deciphers the final of the “Combat of the regions” on M6 (September 2, 2022)

The kitchen

L’En-But is a panoramic AND bistronomic restaurant. On the menu, there are recipes that enhance local products such as trout or free-range chicken from Auvergne (a must!) and dishes with Mediterranean accents, such as this tuna steak with sweet spices or this focaccia burrata and zucchini. “It’s my Italian origins,” smiles the chef, who admits to enjoying the summer when the vegetables and fruits he loves to work with arrive. But don’t worry, know that we also enjoy winter!

Our favorite

Of course we go to the En-Goal to have a good time over a good meal. But we also go there for the view… of a stadium! But not just any since it is Michelin. And whether or not we are ASM supporters, the setting is great!

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The address

L’En-Goat, 107 avenue de la République (Marcel-Michelin stadium), in Clermont-Ferrand.
Open Monday to Friday, noon and evening, plus ASM match days.
Terrace – Handicapped accessible.

The bill

Lunch menu at 22 euros, menus at €29.50, €39.50, €49.50 and €63. Restaurant vouchers accepted.

Text: Catherine Jutier
Photos: Hervé Chelle


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