Learn about real Chinese cuisine with Marmiton’s 1st online cooking class!

Marmiton launches its first online cooking classes! We are very proud to present our masterclass to learn the basics of real Chinese cuisine in a fun and simple way.

This is what we offer you. To discover a cuisine other than the one you do every day, to rediscover the taste and flavors of this cuisine that you love so much, to delight your taste buds and those of your loved ones, to treat yourself and learn something new that will will serve all your life. You’ll find that it doesn’t take that many ingredients or utensils (most of them you already have) and that it’s simple cooking, which requires little cooking and adapts perfectly to your daily life.

At Marmiton, sharing and transmission have been part of our DNA for over 20 years. For home cooking to continue, it is necessary to have fun on a daily basis. By discovering new flavors, by learning something new, by making a recipe that you would never have thought you could make….
But you can!

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The masterclass will give you access to didactic videos which will allow you to progress step by step to master the gestures, the ingredients and several traditional Chinese recipes which you have necessarily heard of (especially if you frequent the social networks which are fond of them and that you are always ready to test Chinese cuisine restaurants). You will be able to make yourself and very simply recipes that you are used to ordering in restaurants and that you would not have imagined being able to reproduce. I promise, it’s simple when it’s explained by Handa! You will find yourself, lesson after lesson, naturally applying his advice even in your everyday cooking.

Do not wait any longer to treat yourself to a moment that will allow you to sharpen your knowledge of Chinese cuisine! It’s now on Marmiton!
NB: you can also offer this masterclass to your loved ones if you wish.

You want to know more ?

Here is what you will learn from this masterclass:

  • Optimize your shopping list and your cupboard: it only takes 9 basic ingredients to start Chinese cooking. No need to buy 10 different sauces or invest in products you don’t use often. These 9 ingredients are used in most Chinese recipes and you will use them throughout the training. It is a minimum investment that will allow you to cook Chinese with the original flavor you are looking for. These ingredients are also very simple to use in your everyday cooking.
  • Have the minimum and necessary equipment: and you will see, you certainly already have most of the utensils at home, so you can start right away.
  • Learn how to cook rice to perfection. Because it is an absolutely essential food in Chinese cuisine and there are a few tips to know to cook it perfectly for life!
  • Discover and redo essential recipes of Chinese cuisine at home. Absolutely exquisite recipes that are easy to reproduce at home with ingredients that can be found everywhere.
  • Tips and wise advice for adopting the specific gestures of Chinese cuisine and its cooking methods. Simple, effective and, again, suitable for your daily cooking.
  • The pleasure of finding real Chinese cuisine in your kitchen and sharing it with your family and friends.

Don’t wait any longer, register to follow our masterclass on Chinese cuisine with Handa.

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Who is Handa?

Handa has always shared his passion for Chinese cuisine on social networks (Chifan on Instagram) and during trips to Paris where he allows many people to discover great restaurant addresses (you know, the ones we pass on by word of mouth) or places to shop when you want to eat Chinese

His passion is to pass on his knowledge, his good advice and his ultra-simple tips to allow you to cook Chinese dishes with ease with the right ingredients and the right utensils (easy to find in addition, there is a lot to bet some are already in your closet!)

In short, don’t wait any longer, sign up for our masterclass to spend time with him discovering exciting Chinese cuisine.

How do I get this Chinese cooking class?

Go to www.marmiton.org/masterclass.
This first masterclass is at €17.99.
Secure payment via Stripe and protected data.
Once you have purchased this cooking class, you will receive an email that will give you the link to log in. Congratulations, you will then have lifetime and 24-hour access to your Chinese cooking class!

You can also download an ebook with all the recipes and key points to remember 💪.

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