“Le Zytho”, a new tapas bar, will open in Virton on November 4

Open every day except Thursday

The concept is to stay in a “brasserie” style. We can drink and eat something there at any time. Zytho will be open daily from 10 a.m. until 1 a.m. Thursday will be the closing day. “I wanted my establishment to be able to open on days when the restaurants in Virton are closed. I have already had the experience in the past, with my wife, where we wanted to eat on a Monday or a Tuesday and everything was closed”adds the boss.

From foundry to HoReCa

Elvi Soppelsa was not predestined to end his career in the HoReCa. This former worker in a foundry in Messancy was forced to retrain following the bankruptcy of his factory. “I worked for 34 years in a foundry in Messancy which closed due to bankruptcy. So I had to retrain myself in something. I am 53 years old, I still have ten years to go and I am left on the idea of ​​making a brewery and serving people”he says

Without the banks

His business, Elvi launched it with his companion. He managed to finance everything, without the help of a bank loan. “The banks did not follow me in the story, they are very cautious about projects that concern the HoReCa. They think it’s too risky, they no longer invest in it. We only worked with own funds”, he assures. The project germinated in his head in March 2022 and finally materialized last July with the rental of the building which once housed the “Venezia”.

A little tired by administrative chores, Elvi Soppelsa is impatient to meet his future clientele. “I hope to offer something new compared to traditional cafes. I’m trying to reach a different audience that maybe doesn’t usually frequent cafes”, he finishes. With the future terrace, the mezzanine and the ground floor, the Zytho will be able to accommodate around seventy customers. Note that there is no consumption at the bar, the service is at the table. Bicycle parking will also soon be installed in front of the establishment.

More details to discover on their Facebook page.

Reservations: 063 23 76 16

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