LE CREUSOT: The agility world champion, Kévin Odile was at Le Creusot on Sunday!

Crowned reigning world champion last September in Austria with his dog Move On Up, Kevin Odile took part on Sunday in the trials organized on the heights of the city by the Agility Obedience Canin Le Creusot club chaired by Patrice Galoustoff.
The events were judged by David Desboubrie. They brought together exactly 91 competitors from all over France. All ensured the great success of this official competition, the last of the season organized in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. The opportunity to meet the 2022 world champion.

Kévin Odile: The quality of the work counts more than the quantity!

“In Austria I participated with the France team individually and as a team. I won the individual title, it’s my first world champion title with Move and my second participation.
Everything went super well with the dog, with the France group. I have been practicing Agility for a good fifteen years now. My parents made them, and I discovered the discipline by going to watch them, I was around 16 years old. Today I am 33 years old. I had an English Setter then there was Fun the father of Move my Border Collie. He was the dog that suited me the best in terms of work, I wanted to go a little further in Agility. On work, weekly or daily, for me it’s not the quantity of work that counts but more the quality, we can sometimes be several weeks and even months without doing Agiliy, but in parallel with that there is everything else, work on the mind, the relational… In the championship, the classification is based on the number of penalties, those who are without penalty are classified, then it is the time that makes the difference. At the world championship in Austria, in the “large” category, we were 130 participants, we finished first in the second round, first overall… just ahead of one of the greatest champions in the world… Here at Le Creusot, I came to take part in the events, while sightseeing. After deadlines like the ones I experienced, you have to get out, get back into it. I came here with Move and a young Cocker Spaniel. I finished first Excellent with Move in my category with a time of 36.91 and above all 5.15 meter-seconds…”.



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