Le Chambon-sur-Lignon: the potato can be seen and eaten at La Trifola

The restaurant La Trifola, 4 route de Tence, in Chambon-sur-Lignon lends its walls for an exhibition designed for this place whose name, in patois, is that of the potato.

If the vegetable dear to Parmentier lends itself to a thousand and one recipes in the hands of chef Jérôme Lauze, under the brush of Carol Bacconnier Borne, he willingly allows himself to be bitten into tables of great sweetness.

The man-like tuber

Now based in her house built in Chambon-sur-Lignon, with a workshop offering the appropriate setting to release her taste for painting, the artist has decided to celebrate the tuber with the look of a man, which under an apparent banality hides multiple resources, the varieties of which are surprisingly adorned with female first names.

Echoing the poem by Francis Ponge

Carol took the side of the potato, in six compositions, where acrylic prevails, occasionally enhanced with collages, here with scraps of orange net, there with fragments of burlap, extracts from the text of Francis Ponge which inspired this series.

In 1961, Francis Ponge tackled potato peeling in a poem resembling a culinary technique manual which begins with this sentence “Peeling a good quality boiled potato is a pleasure to choice…. The easy operation leaves, when you have succeeded in perfecting it without going over it too many times, an impression of indescribable satisfaction…”

Maybe the apple in the fall

We can find this delicious poem read by Francis Ponge, a writer who regularly stayed on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon, in an INA – Radio France archive, in 1962, in the program “Tous les plaisirs du jour est dans la matin”.

Carol Bacconnier Borne always digs the vegetal and gustatory vein. She has started work on another apple, the queen fruit apple of autumn! To be discovered, perhaps, during Gourmet Week.


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