Lawyers. Sales of wine estates will soon be under control

“The excessive concentration of farms, land speculation and the protection of agricultural land are major issues. This observation by the Court of Justice of the European Union is reflected in the Sempastous law, named after the deputy who brought it to the National Assembly, until its adoption on 24 December last. The idea: to prevent major investors, whether French or foreign, from becoming owners without prior control of agricultural and wine-growing land.

In the Côte d’Or, where the prices of wine-growing land can reach the heights and continue to grow, this law could prevent certain areas from coming under the control of investors – speculators and favor installations.

“Safer could not intervene when it was a partial sale of company shares”

The novelty, compared to the current situation, is that control will be exercised over the sale of company shares. Because there is already a form…

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