Lawyers for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attack hard from the first day of trial

If we thought we had heard everything during the lawsuit brought – and lost – by Johnny Depp against the tabloid The Sun in London in 2020, her libel suit against Amber Heard promises to be even more acrimonious. During the first hearing yesterday, the lawyers for both parties directly put their feet in the dish. It must be said that, unlike the United Kingdom, this case judged in Virginia is broadcast on American television, on CourtTV. The show must therefore be up to par.

And we were not disappointed. For Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, who represent Johnny Depp, Amber Heard wrote her column in the Washington Post by “presenting herself as the face of the #MeToo movement” at an opportune moment, just before the release ofAquaman, to discuss his situation as a victim of domestic violence. “The evidence shows that it is a lie,” they asserted.

New charges

For his part, Ben Rottenborn explained that his client was doubly victim: of the violence she suffered during her marriage to Johnny Depp on the one hand, and of an “ex-husband obsessed with revenge at all costs”. “For years, all Mr. Depp wanted to do was humiliate Amber, haunt her, destroy her career,” he said.

Regarding the domestic violence charges, the actress’ other lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, detailed them from her opening argument, even addressing a sexual assault involving a bottle of alcohol, which had never been mentioned before. .

So many accusations from the outset that prompted the actor’s camp to split a press release after this already trying first day. “It follows the pattern of her trumped up false accusations that have changed and evolved over time in an effort to shock Hollywood, a method that Amber has honed and used to harness a serious social movement,” relays variety.

If their time in court in London had given us stories of turds in the marital bed, attempted strangulation and another severed finger, their testimonies in Fairfax County promise to be at least as graphic. Johnny Depp claims $50 million from Amber Heard, who asks him for $100 million in response.

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