lawyers celebrate new promotion

It’s the way for all the lawyers to come together“, declared Magali Gilly, 2022 president of the office of the Union of young lawyers. The new lawyers of the bar of Nice, who were sworn in in January 2022, were able to meet their colleagues during an evening, Thursday, February 17, at the Café des Amis on the Cours Saleya. Due to the health crisis, the new promotion had not yet had the opportunity to greet their colleagues. This convivial evening organized by the UJA therefore allowed them to introduce themselves to the UJA members and lawyers from former promotions.

“We just bump into each other”

Julien Prandilawyer and head of UJA partnerships in Nice, recognizes that this event should allow them to “chat with elders” which will help them find a place in this world. A moment also shared with Cecile Schwal, vice-president of the bar of Nice. The opportunity for everyone to discuss files, to give each other advice. Bastien Caire, lawyer at the Nice bar since 2015 admits that this allows “to meet outside of work“.”We only see each other in court, we never see each other outside, except with some“.

Fifty people were gathered, proof that the colleagues are always happy to come and meet new promotions. Magali Gilly specifies that “often in audience, young people do not know their colleagues, this kind of event is very useful to break the ice and allow them to exchange with them“. It is also preparing the next highlights of the year and hopes to satisfy its members.

Front page photo: Cécile Schwal, Vice-Bâtonnier in the centre, alongside Magali Gilly, President of the UJA and members of the association ©AC


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