lawyer suspected of creating fake Facebook profiles to lure clients

Lawyer Richard Legrand, who represents some twenty victims in the Buitoni and Kinder cases, is suspected of having created fake Facebook profiles to attract as many customers as possible to his office. This is what franceinfo reveals on Monday when a disciplinary investigation was opened on Monday, September 5 by the Paris Bar Association.

The opening of this instruction is linked to a report to the order. The latter describes how fake victims, with fake facebook profiles, have infiltrated collectives by pretending to be mothers in pain, encouraging by all means to join the firm of this lawyer. Profiles of false victims also took advantage of the Kinder scandal a few weeks later to, again, push to contract with this lawyer. Contacted by franceinfo, Me Richard Legrand, who has around twenty clients in the two cases, denies any fraudulent procedures.

At this stage, justice is not seized of this case. Pizzas from Buitoni’s Fraîch’Up range, contaminated with E.Coli bacteria, are suspected of having caused the death of two children. A judicial investigation was opened in particular for involuntary homicide against a person, involuntary injuries concerning 14 people, marketing of a product dangerous to health and endangering others. The Paris prosecutor’s office also opened an investigation after the discovery of kinder chocolates
contaminated with salmonella.

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