Lawyer Roland Perez winner of the Cheval Blanc 2022 literary prize for his book “My mother, God and Sylvie Vartan” – VIDEO

This weekend, in Lille, the Cheval Blanc 2022 literary prize was awarded to lawyer Roland Perez for his novel “My mother, God and Sylvie Vartan”, released on October 7, 2021 by Les Escales editions. This year, the jury for the prize was chaired by the singer Cali.

Roland Perez success to Lucie Rico, winner of the 2021 Cheval Blanc Literary Prize, for her book “The Song of Chicken under Vacuum”, published by POL

Note that a film, taken from the book “My mother, God and Sylvie Vartan”, is in full casting under the direction of Ken Scott and with the participation of Sylvie Vartan in her own role.

Presentation of the book

Roland, the last child of a Sephardic Jewish family, is not a little boy like the others. The doctors are formal: it will never work. But Esther, his mother, refuses to believe him. She travels through Paris, from specialist to specialist, her son in her arms, in search of the doctor who will perform a miracle.

Nestled in an HLM in the 13th arrondissement, the family apartment has become Roland’s territory. A playground he explores on all fours, listening to the discussions of his mother and neighbors, to their prayers and benevolent whispers, while impatiently awaiting the return of his brothers and sisters from school.

The outside world is discovered through television. There he meets Sylvie Vartan, a benevolent fairy with a budding career, whose voice will accompany him on the road to recovery. And when the miracle that his mother never stopped believing in finally occurs, when Roland, who was then seven years old, manages to take his first steps, a new and infinite world is offered to him: the sidewalks of Paris, the metro, and especially the School for Children of the Show…


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