lawyer Richard Malka defends the “Islam of the Kouachi brothers”

Until then, it was a trial that was held in disturbing indifference. At no time have the appeal hearings devoted to the attacks on “Charlie Hebdo”, the Hyper Cacher at Porte de Vincennes and Montrouge, which have been taking place since September 12 in the “Voltaire” room of the historic courthouse in the Ile de la Cité in Paris, had not experienced the frenzy that marked the first trial two years ago. In the box of the accused appear only the two of the eleven convicted who appealed. The civil parties, for their part, came to this second meeting, sometimes wearily, recalling the intact pain and the perpetual pain suffered by the victims of terrorism.

This Monday afternoon, October 17, however, everything changes. The room fills up. An impatience and a tension surround Richard Malka, lawyer of “Charlie Hebdo” and fellow traveler of the newspaper. At first instance, in a very relayed pleading, he had defended freedom of expression and defended the cowardice of part of the French intellectual class in the face of threats against the satirical weekly. His words are expected, watched. But Richard Malka decided to change the record. “What’s the use of pleading again? »he begins. “What’s the point of repeating myself endlessly, like a broken record, when for fifteen years I’ve said everything I had to say, from every possible angle, about freedom of expression, the need for blasphemy, the story of

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