Lawyer Hulka and the history of the law firm GLK/H

Jennifer Walters forcefully defends her client; she seems to have convinced the jury, which is essential to winning the case. But it must turn into she hulk. This resulted in her being removed from her duties. This summary takes place between the end of the first and second episode of the Disney+ series. After finding herself unemployed, a senior executive at GLK/H offers her the opportunity to be part of his studio.

Meet Holden Holliway, one of the founders of GLK/H. The signature includes an “H” in honor of his last name. For now, in the series, this character is presented as an employer eager to develop the superhero defense side of his business. But later, a parallel goal might be revealed: to make She-Hulk a kind of role model for one of her family members.

The company that Holliway represents has a long tradition in the field of comics. Its presentation within the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be understood as one of the measures taken by Disney+ to transform the story into a more mundane and urban story, compared to the previous phases of the narrative. This intention also explains the future inclusion of Daredevil and another series released in the past year, Hawkeye. Sooner or later, these characters may have some connection to GLK/H.

The history of the GLK/H

It is estimated that this studio has existed since 1940. Over time, it has become one of the most prestigious. The evolution of stories and the rise of superheroes have sparked various debates about them. Their behavior has also given rise to certain disputes for which a legal structure has become necessary. In this sense, the GLK/H is considered the pioneer in the development of a space dedicated to the legal care of superhumans.

The version of this law firm which is adapted in She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka is based on the comic book by Dan Slott, published in 2004. In this story, Holden Holliway is interested in the figure of She-Hulk, played by Tatiana Maslany, to lead the department dedicated to superhumans and, also, with the intention that she be a reference for her granddaughter. His parent is defined as an aspiring villain. She is Southpaw, according to the comics.

In this sense, the Disney + adaptation has not yet explored this last scenario. Until chapter three, GLK/H was presented as a prestigious company, devoted to its customers and whose interest in supermen is an aspect of its work. You have to keep in mind the context in which it’s presented, with multiple superheroes coming and going in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Her Possible Influence, Beyond She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka

From Hawkeye Marvel and Disney have begun to explore a layer of the story that can be interpreted as being street level, mundane. The reclaiming of the rights to characters such as Daredevil encourages this possibility, which, with the presentation of Ms. Marvel are among those moves meant to push forward stories that weren’t tackled in the first three phases. It’s about making a daily story without that spectacular conditioning..

Part of the verisimilitude and construction of this everyday life is to generate a context in which superheroes can be seen in their everyday lives. It happened both with Hawkeye like with Ms. Marvel represented in ordinary environments, close to ordinary citizens. In this sense, the presentation of GLK/H invites to suppose that there will be conflicts with the superheroes which will have to be settled legally. In versions of Daredevil and The Punisher developed by Netflix, this aspect was essential, with the two characters constantly dealing with juries and legal disputes.

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