Lawyer Alex Ursulet indicted for “rape by person in authority”

STR New / Reuters The famous lawyer Alex Ursulet was indicted for “rape by a person in authority” after the complaint of a former trainee (archive photo taken during the trial of Alain Carignon, in July 1996).

STR New / Reuters

SEXUAL VIOLENCE – The “logical continuation” of an emblematic #MeToo case which targets the legal profession. The famous criminal lawyer Alex Ursulet, accused of rape by a former trainee, was indicted on Thursday December 11 for “rape by a person in authority” and placed under judicial control, AFP learned this Friday 10 from a judicial source, confirming a information from Mediapart.

This renowned criminal lawyer, defender of the serial murderer Guy Georges or of the former mayor of Grenoble Alain Carignon and character people for his marriage to Anne de Bourbon des Deux-Siciles, has been targeted since September 25, 2019 by a complaint for “rape” and “sexual harassment” filed by a woman who had completed an internship in his Paris office in January 2018.

In her complaint, the young woman recounts having been raped there by Alex Ursulet, after a lunch where the latter would have been insistent and which would have taken place on January 30, 2018. She reports having been questioned in a very intimate way during this meal. before suffering humiliation and therefore rape once back in the office. It produces to support these accusations witness statements and copies of SMS.

Everyone sticks to their positions

Master Ursulet, now 65, had for his part filed a complaint for “slanderous denunciation”, but also for “false” and “attempted fraud in judgment”.

After two days in police custody in June 2020 and a confrontation with the complainant where “everyone (had) remained on their positions”, according to the comment at the time from a source familiar with the matter, the prosecution had opened a judicial investigation for “rape by a person in authority” and asked for his indictment.

The lawyer emerged free from the interrogation before the investigating judge, under the status of assisted witness, intermediate between that of simple witness and that of indictment.

Thursday’s indictment “is the logically expected continuation of this case. It is important that the judge can continue to carry out her investigation calmly”, told AFP master Thibault Laforcade, Bordeaux lawyer for the complainant. From now on, Alex Ursulet no longer has the right to contact the complainant.

Removed from the Paris bar, he appealed

“The indictment for rape is in tune with the times. It does not matter that there is no new element for eighteen months or countless contradictions and impossibilities, it does not matter that nothing justifies this indictment, neither the urgency nor the file or nothing, it is like that!” Criticized Maître Marie Burguburu, one of Maître Ursulet’s lawyers alongside Maître Frédérique Pons and the former President of Paris Christian Charrière-Bournazel. “The advantage is that this indictment gives the defense of Alex Ursulet rights that it did not have before (…) He will therefore finally be able to defend himself”, she said. added, his client continuing to vehemently deny the accusations.

The Council of the order, seized of the facts, had removed Alex Ursulet from the Paris bar on December 31, 2019. As reported Mediapartthe Council of the order had been particularly clear in its decree, evoking “inappropriate behavior vis-à-vis a trainee, which manifested itself in manipulation, domination, harassment, for the purpose of carrying out acts of a sexual nature serious enough not to be revealed by Alex Ursulet but masked by incoherent and misleading remarks”.

The person concerned immediately appealed, which has since allowed him to continue to practice. A hearing on the appeal of this decision will take place on January 20 at the Paris Court of Appeal.

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