Laporte trial: Atcher’s lawyers’ request “attached to the bottom of the file”

At the time of printing these lines, the second day of hearing scheduled for Thursday has not yet started at the Paris Criminal Court and at the beginning of it, the financial prosecutor’s office must provide defense lawyers with the famous ” missing fadettes. After this stage, the interrogations were to begin with that of Bernard Laporte, the central man of the trial. This hearing will be followed by those, next week, of Mohed Altrad, Serge Simon, Claude Atcher and Benoît Rover.

As a reminder, two witnesses will also be heard between Monday and Thursday: this is the former boss of the referees, Joël Dumé, called to the stand by Simon’s lawyer (Maître Pierre Blazy), when the director general of the FFR, Laurent Gabbanini, for his part was called by the defense of Bernard Laporte, embodied by masters Fanny Colin and Jean-Pierre Versini-Campinchi. The third week will be dedicated to the pleadings of the lawyers.

Furthermore, the request for nullity desired by masters Céline Lasek and Brice Grazzini (they consider certain elements of the investigation incomplete and request the cancellation of the summonses of Claude Atcher and Benoiît Rover) was attached to the merits of the file by the president of the court, who will rule on this subject at the end of the hearings. The trial will end on September 22 and the court’s decision should fall a little over a month later.

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