La Ruche qui dit Oui: eat better, eat local

A kind of ephemeral online market, available from September 22. Local and farm products will be offered: vegetables, fruits, eggs, bakery, pastry, meat, fish, local juices and dairy products.

A financially advantageous concept, especially in this time of inflation, but also from a logistical point of view, because everything is grouped in one place for the collection of groceries. Thus, cEvery week, the consumer previously registered on the platform will be able to make his shopping basket online. The products will be collected every Thursday, in a unique place based at the ZAC de Rivière Roche, as explained to us Caroline Thévenon, the founder.

The idea of ​​the hive is to pay for things at the right price, without intermediaries. You register on the Hive that says Yes Fort-de-France, and you will receive each week what each of our partners puts on sale. From Thursday to Tuesday, you make your basket, and the distribution takes place every Thursday, from 4 to 6 p.m., ZAC de Rivière Roche. That gives the producers 48 hours to prepare your order and deliver it on site. Our particularity here in Martinique is that we also have refrigerated lockers on site which will allow customers who are not available in this slot to pick up within 24 hours, and using a PIN code. secure, their basket.

The platform brings together 10 producers for the moment, and already 77 consumer members. Butf the implementation of the concept is underway in Martinique, La Ruche already operates in Guadeloupe and on the island of La Réunion, assures Caroline Thevenon.

In Martinique, producers responded very favorably right away. There was a craze, even if we prefer to avoid having too many producers in competition. We choose them on several criteria, it must obviously be 100% local, and they must be complementary. The important thing is that the consumer can make his basket of fresh products almost entirely on the Beehive. For the moment, we have 10 producers, but the goal is to grow our network and to have new ones who join us every month.

To register on the Ruche qui dit Oui website, go to this address:

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