La Chaux-de-Fonds: Get treatment from a veterinarian? No way!


La Chaux-de-FondsGet treatment from a veterinarian? No way!

Everyone has their place, even in the event of a shortage of practitioners: humans at the doctor, animals at the veterinarian, the authorities replied to the president of the SPA.

Veterinarians for animals, doctors for humans.

University of Bern.

Consult a veterinarian for lack of doctors? The idea came from the president of the Society for the Protection of Animals of La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE), faced with the shortage of general practitioners. Dominique Burri Antenen was then looking for an alternative to obtain an order that had been awaited for months, but the response from the authorities was negative.

“Each of these professionals must respect the limits of the skills they have acquired during their training,” replied the head of the Public Health Service Vincent Huguenin-Dumittan, quoted by “Arcinfo”. Comment by Dominique Burri-Antenen: “My proposal was purely provocative: things have to move!” she says.

According to the Public Health Service, a veterinarian who agrees to treat a man or a woman or to prescribe medication for him would be violating his professional duties. “Veterinarians are not providers of services within the meaning of the LAMal and therefore cannot provide care at the expense of insurance”, explained Vincent Huguenin-Dumittan.

Veterinarians may not perform health care at the expense of insurance.

Veterinarians may not perform health care at the expense of insurance. Donzé

Following the departure of three doctors in the Neuchâtel Mountains, the State is counting on the creation of collective practices of doctors, in partnership with the municipalities. But Dominique Burri-Antenen expects a real commitment from doctors: “Did they sign the Hippocratic oath or the hypocrite’s oath?” she asked in her speech on October 19, after having suffered 40 refusals in three months in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle.

In the meantime, Dominique Burri Antenen and her husband have found a doctor. Those who are deprived of it can resort to medical hotlines or telemedicine systems supported by health insurance companies. Comments the protector of animals: “We deserve to be treated when we pay a health insurance fund. When I bring an animal to a veterinarian, I never receive a refusal”.

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