Korean restaurant: Marchand makes a mini mea culpa

Without presenting a formal apology, Bruno Marchand admitted, half-heartedly, that he should have shown more “benevolence” in the political-linguistic saga that has surrounded the Korean restaurant Bab Sang for the past two weeks.

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“In a language context, there is an issue where even more benevolence must be placed. Even if I have placed some, I think that I must show even more benevolence, ”supported the mayor of Quebec, Monday morning, on the sidelines of a press briefing.

The controversy surrounding this restaurant on rue Maguire, in Sillery, erupted on October 12 when it was revealed that it was almost impossible to obtain service in French there. Mayor Marchand reacted the same day by saying that the labor shortage should not be used as a “pretext” for not serving customers in French.

An “acrimonious” debate

“My will in relation to French does not change,” added the mayor on Monday. But it is important, in a debate that can be acrimonious, to always bring back this idea of ​​how we do as a community to be benevolent, to welcome, to support, to help each other and to create this very strong fabric that no one escapes. on my way “.

Without denying his initial remarks, Mr. Marchand agreed that he “certainly” could have expressed himself differently the day the controversy broke out. The latter added that he would gladly eat at the Korean restaurant at some point. But he prefers, for the moment, “to let the turmoil pass”, he said.

On the other hand, the mayor welcomed the momentum of solidarity with the restaurateur “Joe”, who will be able to count on temporary employees and volunteer waiters to reopen his restaurant – three to four evenings a week – and offer service in French

“I think it’s great that there are people who are mobilizing, taking action to support a merchant, help him learn French and translate his posters into French. There is an extraordinary benevolence there, ”he rejoiced.

Invited to comment on the exit of Mr. Marchand, Bruno Salvail, general manager of the Commercial Development Company (SDC) Maguire, said: “I welcome his comments. It will be my pleasure to meet him on the street when he comes to eat at Bab Sang”.

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