Kodak Black received a gift from his lawyer Bradford Cohen

Kodak Black has a smile on its face. He received a special gift from his lawyer Cohen.

There is not only a business link between Bradford Cohen and his client Kodak Black. The well-known hip-hop lawyer gave Kodak Black a gift. It’s Christmas before the hour for the artist.

A gift as proof of love

It was Bradford Cohen who made his gesture known to the canvas. To do so, he shared a photo of himself and his client with a pretty explicit caption. “Merry Christmas to my friend @kodakblackCohen wrote on Instagram before detailing who helped him get the gift. “My man @dany.miami and @all_cash_no_credits hooked it up. Such a cool store with sneakers, clothes and everything. Thank you Dany for making this possible, I appreciate you.Bradford advertised and also expressed his attachment to Kodak Black.

A prediction of Kodak’s next stay in prison?

The gift should appeal to the artist. It is a chain with sparkling diamonds. In addition to the chain, there is also a dog tag, rounds with diamonds, but specifying a firm deposit. This is what Kodak should do now when he gets in trouble with the police. “I invoke my rights. I want my lawyer“. In addition to this, the lawyer specified his contact. It’s a marketing trick and a good joke between the two whose relations have gone beyond the professional framework. It is even reciprocal.

In his track “Haitian Scarface,” Kodak Black had mentioned the famed lawyer.I never had a dad, I used to call Brad my dad/He’s more than a lawyer to me, he’s there every time I call him.”

It is also not the first time that this famous lawyer has made such a gift to a client.

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