KFC partners with Tinder for the launch of its “Buffalo Ranch” sauce!

KFC innovates by offering an amazing concept: partnering with Tinder for the launch of its new sauce. Good or bad idea ?

KFC, the fast-food chain specializing in chicken, surprises with a new concept. Indeed, the latter is launching a partnership with Tinder which aims to find love, thanks to your choice of sauce. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The fast-food chain is trying new things

Faced with ever-increasing competition, the chicken giant KFC is trying everything for everything. Indeed, since the beginning of the year the fast-food chain keep coming out with new stuff.

And this year, the fast food decide to go green. Paper straws, cardboard packaging, veggie burger, you name it.

The idea is to restore a good image of fast food chains to people’s minds. One thing is certain, KFC’s competitors have understood this.

Indeed, Burger King is one of the first who decides to make his publicity stunt. The latter was recently released soy fiber nuggets.

Thus, still on a vegetal note, KFC is in turn launching its 100% vegetarian burger, a few weeks after his opponent. In fact, on August 24 the fast food offered the “colonel original veggie”, a burger without meat or chicken. Eh yes !

Finally, last year, KFC teamed up with rival McDonald’s with the aim of releasing vegetable steaks. An amazing alliance but not the most unlikely to date.

Indeed, KFC will soon link up with another brand, which this time will surprise you even more. MCE TV tells you more…

KFC and Tinder, the perfect fusion

It is often said, culinary tastes can bring people together. And that, KFC understood it well. Indeed, the fast-food chain offers a brand new concept that surprises the Web.

Indeed, from October 21, the latter will offer a partnership with the dating application Tinder. Just that !

That’s why, to promote their new “Buffalo Ranch” sauce, KFC offers a quiz for Tinder users. The latter, titled “What’s Your Sauce Style?” », will aim to bring together everyone’s culinary tastes in terms of sauce.

But that’s not all, quiz participants will also have the chance to play to win a prize for a “Saucy Dream Date”. The latter is none other than two tickets for a concert and a backstage reunion with American rapper Jack Harlow.

According to Tinder Marketing Director Stephanie Danzi, “It’s such a fun way to spice up the modern dating experience”. “We know our members connect around food – being a ‘foodie’ is one of the main interests they add to their profile”the vice president said in a statement.

A curious idea that has something to interest KFC consumers and Tinder users. The dating application has also seen a drop of nearly 70% since the start of the year. Will this partnership be able to raise the bar? To be continued…

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Geodakyan Artyom/Tass/ABACA

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