Justice has confused two cousins, says the lawyer of one of them

A case was retried on appeal on Wednesday, the lawyers believing that a confusion could have been made between two cousins ​​with the same surname. Both were accused of violence committed in early June in Beauvais (Oise). Five men had been taken into custody after a fight. Doubt remains, however, about two defendants, cousins ​​aged 22 and 23 with the same surname, explains The Parisian.

One of them was sentenced to twelve months in prison and the other released in immediate comparison to Beauvais. The lawyers of the first wished to appeal the judgment, considering that the cousins ​​had been reversed by mistake. Police reports and CCTV footage show that one of the two individuals was violent with an iron bar.

The second, on the other hand, remained a spectator. However, the cousins ​​do not resemble each other physically, one being “short, stocky” and the other “tall, slender”. The court took note of the possible error and will deliver its verdict on September 21.

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