JuriGo: managing growth


Me Pierre-David Girard. Source: Jurigo.ca

Since its launch in 2019, JuriGo.ca has broken all records. Visited annually by more than 300,000 Internet users looking for a lawyer, the Tinder du droit has made 25,000 validated file references in 2021 and will cross the 35,000 mark in 2022. There is even already talk of 50,000 references by the end of 2024!

“It really is hypergrowth, isn’t it? “says Me smiling Pierre-David Girardone of the co-founders of this engine which continues to attract more and more litigants with legal needs, but also many lawyers operating independently as members of small and large firms.

In fact, more than 500 of them have already subscribed to the platform to receive referrals from new clients… Which brings them 12 dollars on average for 1 dollar invested! It is therefore understandable that such a partnership interests them, especially since it saves them from devoting long hours to their business development.

As a bonus, let’s also recall in a few words the intuitive and simple operation of Jurigo: individuals or groups who have legal needs go to the platform free of charge, where they indicate their expectations (geographical territory, area of ​​law sought, legal aid or not, etc). This data is then analyzed by an artificial intelligence engine, then by an operator who validates it before referring it to JuriGo’s client lawyers.

A healthy reinforcement

Obviously, such success cannot be managed by snapping your fingers. In order to enable JuriGo to meet the demand and establish itself in other Canadian provinces, starting with Ontario, Me Pierre-David Girard left the ranks of the firm Tremblay Bois Mignault last June, where He had been practicing business law, insurance law and construction law for six years.

JuriGo’s new director of business development is no newcomer to entrepreneurship, however. “I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I’ve always had this fiber in me,” explains the man, who obtained a certificate in business administration before earning a bachelor’s degree in law with a concentration in business law and taxation at Laval University.

After obtaining his Bar in 2015, Me Girard embraced his profession as a corporate lawyer. “On the one hand, I liked the idea of ​​settling differences between the companies. And I was also very fond of the client development component,” he says.

Despite everything, like his colleague Me Philippe Roberge, the young lawyer found this part of his activities energy-intensive. So, one thing leading to another, they both teamed up with a handful of information technology and web marketing experts to find a simpler, faster and more profitable way to attract new customers.

“I have been a shareholder and decision-maker in this unusual project since day one, and our results prove that we were right,” says Me Pierre-David Girard. I am convinced that our platform will be an essential day for all those looking for a lawyer. That’s why I joined our amazing team full-time, which is also growing at the same rate as our growth. »

Good professionals deserve good clients

JuriGo is not just about numbers. The success of the engine also demonstrates that it meets real needs, both for litigants and for lawyers.

“Our platform concretely helps lawyers to develop a tailor-made clientele, in their specialties, which is usually not easy for those who are new to the profession. But it also accompanies the growth of more established firms, in which the volume of requests fluctuates,” explains Me Pierre-David Girard.

JuriGo effectively provides subscriber lawyers with a constant flow of references verified and adapted to their practice. The requests relate to family law and youth law, as well as business law, labor law, real estate law, and even immigration law.

“We are also receiving more and more requests related to bodily injury, medical errors, as well as files involving criminal and penal law. All sorts of tricky situations that require finding a specialist lawyer quickly, which JuriGo can achieve thanks to its current subscriber lawyers… and hopefully those who will join us soon! says the director, who recalls that in addition to a profitable investment, the platform makes it possible to refuse a certain number of files… and to take advantage of the extension of JuriGo in Ontario to win clients there!

“Finally, Me Girard, are you afraid of getting bored of your practice? “No, not really,” he replies. I still gravitate in the legal world and am in daily contact with lawyers that I feel I support. It is rewarding, motivating and energizing. »


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