July 14 trial: Chafroud and Ghraieb, the two accused in the sights of lawyers who monopolize the pleadings

Maître Laurent Denis-Peraldi clings to the bar of the special assize court of Paris, in the trial of the attack of July 14, 2016 in Nice. He will not let go of her again before having finished his demonstration which starts from a postulate: “The attack was not perpetrated with a wet finger, it was prepared according to a very organized scenario”. A deadly project where “everything has been meticulously planned”. The organization of the attack itself “was part of the fantasy. It animated the terrorist who benefited from ember blowers”, supports the lawyer. Did any of the defendants motivate Bouhlel?

The word accomplice is dropped

Worse, decrypts Master Denis-Peraldi. Telephony, demarcation, video surveillance images: he is convinced that one of the three accused of terrorist criminal association, Chokri Chafroud, took an active part in the development of the disastrous project. Also convinced that one of his friends is involved. If he is not implicated, the court has already heard of him: the watermelon seller on the Promenade des Anglais. “Supporting elements”, the Nice lawyer outlines a scenario: he would have been recruited by Chafroud to serve as “chouf”, the evening of the massacre. From 8 p.m., Bouhlel by bike, needs someone to monitor the area that will be the scene of his terrorist madness, to pick up his truck. “I know that I am beyond, but if Chafroud recruited the watchman, (…) that makes him an accomplice”, asserts Denis-Peraldi.

“desire for posterity”

Chokri Chafroud again with Me Sabria Mosbah. Who reads what she calls “her fatal and premonitory” messages which were widely studied during the debates. His ambiguous and repetitive remarks on Masséna, that he wants to “smoke” or “fuck”. Those still on these trucks filled with scrap metal or cement. “Five days after the 1st message on March 20, 2016, the terrorist begins his search to rent his weapon by destination: you have the beginning of a premonitory act! From March 20, we are already preparing to kill people”, bombards the ‘lawyer. Who links this to “a desire for posterity of the accused”, palpable in his correspondence with Bouhlel.

“Truth Travesty Show”

Chafroud? “He lies so much that it amounts to telling the truth”, smiles in turn master Philippe Soussi. Chafroud? “It’s the same file as the other accused”, on which the Nice lawyer will dwell. The other is Mohamed Ghraieb, who offered throughout the trial “a mind-blowing spectacle of travesty of the truth”. For everything. Absolutely everything. “It took a lot of temperance for the victims to hear what they heard,” sighs the lawyer. Who details the lies, “his trademark”, and makes them even more absurd. Even more ridiculous. And above all more blatant. Maître Soussi clarifies his point: “If the lies do not make a culprit, the appreciation of sincerity is important in an assize court. If each element does not make him a culprit, what about their stacking, their put into perspective”.

It was, this Thursday, the second day of the pleadings of the lawyers of the civil parties. They will give way to requisitions on December 6. On Wednesday, Maîtres David Rebibou, Tina Colombani, Mélissa Merceret and Ariana Bobetic had each detailed one or more incriminating elements against these two defendants. Again these two defendants who monopolize the pleadings! The other six? Nothing yet, or not much…


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