“Judges are trying to buy time”

Convinced of the innocence of their client, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers believe that the two judges in charge of the case are using delaying maneuvers to keep their main suspect in detention.

“It’s just unbearable! That’s enough !”. The three lawyers of Cédric Jubillar, Emmanuelle Franck and Alexandre Martin, from the bar of Toulouse and Jean-Baptiste Alari, from that of Albi, are up against the two judges Audray Assemat and Coralyne Chartier who are investigating the Jubillar case. After their refusal of a sixth request for conditional release, on June 26, the lawyer-judge relationship is tense, even non-existent: “We are obstacles to going around in circles!”

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This summer, a disturbing element, relayed by the media, indicated that Delphine Jubillar’s phone, a Huawai P30 Pro, was activated four times on the night of the young woman’s disappearance, from December 15 to 16, 2020. 0:07, 0:09, 1:33 (activation of the video camera) finally at 6:52. Who could have held the device and manipulated it? “Cédric Jubillar no longer had the codes, answer the three lawyers. At 6:52 a.m., the first-responder gendarmes were with him at his home. How could he, in front of them, take the risk of manipulating the device, which the investigators were continually ringing? The telephone, which will go out definitively at 7:48 am, doubtless for lack of battery, did not stop transmitting until Cagnac-les-Mines. For Ms. Franck, Martin and Alari, Delphine Jubillar left her home voluntarily, her phone in her hand. “It was of course analyzed. The experts could not determine to whom or by whom the messages were sent, the video is empty, the detailed invoice does not provide any answer: everything went through the house box and it is impossible to obtain elements with the operator, for reasons of confidentiality. Cyber ​​investigators have been appointed. They bought three identical phones and three chips to perform all the necessary tests. They asked the judges for a two-month delay. Against all expectations, they asked them to stop their investigations after fifteen days of work, in June 2021, just before the arrest of Cédric Jubillar!

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For lawyers, everything is upside down. “As soon as we make a request for release, the judges order a new expertise and the Indictment Chamber uses this “pretext” to justify its refusal. Example: the car of a friend of Cédric Jubillar. He could have used it to transport the body. Suppose. The vehicle was combed through, nothing. But during one of our requests for release, the judges coincidentally asked for the expertise of a sweater that was there! Couldn’t we do both things at the same time? Obviously, they are trying to buy time, probably to find Delphine Jubillar’s body and phone. But intellectually, we come to the end of the reasoning.

Idleness in the park, one day in spring 2021, a few months after Delphine mysteriously vanished.

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There is all the same the testimony of two neighbours, mother and daughter, who heard the cries of a woman…
They live two hundred meters from the Jubillar house and the close neighbors, who go to bed late, have not heard anything. These two witnesses, in their first statement, spoke of the cry of a woman who they believed was trying to separate two barking dogs. Above all, the supposed time of their testimony does not correspond with the facts. It precedes the moment when Delphine Jubillar sends her last text message to her lover. But to match it, the gendarmes assumed that mother and daughter had to go upstairs to retrieve their anoraks – it was cold – before smoking their cigarettes outside… which they deny!

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…The survey assumes?
Yes, in some investigation reports! Example: “The sense of the car convinced us of the guilt of Cédric Jubillar. Elsewhere: “He behaved inappropriately,” they wrote, referring to the Panda pajamas he wore to greet them. What would it have been like if he had been in muddy boots, explaining that he had scoured the countryside looking for his wife…? He is almost accused of having warned the gendarmerie “only” twenty minutes after noting the disappearance of his wife. If he had done it later, at seven o’clock in the morning or even twenty-four hours later, we would be told that he took his time in order to hide the evidence! The Indictment Chamber also argues, tirelessly, “the pressure on witnesses”. But before his arrest, Cédric Jubillar had six months! “.

Delphine Jubillar’s glasses were found broken at her home…
A pair was seized from the kitchen bar on December 24, 2020, eight days after the incident. A mount is missing, which will be found on January 6, 2021, under the sofa. A glass is scratched, the expert speaks of a “rough surface”. The prosecution suggests that the reason for the scratch is an argument…

On July 20, nine graves in the cemetery of Cagnac-les-Mines were opened: during one of the “beats”, Cédric Jubillar surveyed the place with a friend of Delphine, explaining that, “finally, there is plenty of places to hide a body. The friend put her hands on a grave and Cédric Jubillar threw at her: “Well, now your prints are on it!”. For his lawyers, who practice the character, this is one of his umpteenth provocations. “No, really, the judges are the armed wing of the gendarmes, conclude Emmanuelle Franck, Alexandre Martin and Jean-Baptiste Alari. The procedure, without analytical work, is only accusatory. If the two judges were intellectually honest, they should seriously hesitate before sending Cédric Jubillar back to prison. Their justice frightens us.” And since they very sincerely believe their client is innocent, his complete isolation for fourteen months, without the possibility of any visit – they have provided him with their own clothes – scandalizes them. “Cadric Jubillar suffered an ordeal, in an 8m2 cell, from which he only came out twice for half an hour. This is scandalous, inhuman treatment for this type of pre-trial detainee. This justice also frightens us.” Cédric Jubillar has changed his look, as Séverine told us who attended his last release hearing. He shaved his head and now wears a goatee.

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