Jubillar case: he “suffers an ordeal”, the anger of Cédric’s lawyers

Cédric Jubillar was indicted and imprisoned after the disappearance of his wife Delphine in June 2021. His lawyers, convinced of his innocence, are protesting against his conditions of detention.

Delphine Jubillar, the 33-year-old nurse mother of two children, gave no more signs of life on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020. After months of investigation, her husband, Cédric Jubillar, with whom she was in divorce proceedings, is indicted and imprisoned. From his cell, the man proclaims his innocence. Supported by three lawyers, the main suspect in this case has made several requests for conditional release. In vain.

For fourteen months, the father of the family has been in complete isolationwithout the possibility of receiving visitors. “Cédric Jubillar undergoes an ordeal, in a cell of 8m2, from which he leaves only twice for half an hour. This is scandalous, inhuman treatment for this type of pre-trial detainee. This justice also scares us” protests one of his lawyers as reported Paris Match.

Cédric Jubillar: between distress and provocation

The three lawyers of Cédric Jubillar denounce “dilatory maneuvers” from the two judges in charge of the case. “As soon as we make a request for release, as luck would have it, the judges order a new expert report and the Indictment Chamber uses this ‘pretext’ to justify its refusal” denounce the advice of Cédric Jubillar. Their client will be heard again on September 23.

A man with a strong character, who oscillates between self-pity and numerous provocations that never stop causing trouble. And it’s not the last interview with the ex-partner of the main suspect in this case that should help the defense. Still in the columns of Paris Matchthe young woman named Séverine talks about her troubling behavior with her son and expressed her fears for his life when she was seeing Cédric Jubillar just before he was imprisoned.

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