“Jonathan Daval’s lawyer, target of neo-feminists”

The cancel culture is not restricted to large cities. At home in Besançon, we have been able to measure it in recent days. What was the target this time? The criminal lawyer, Randall Schwerdorffer who made himself known at the national level by defending Jonathann Daval, murderer of his wife Alexia, was to sign his book devoted to the case this Friday. This meeting with potential readers was organized by the L’Intranquille bookstore in the heart of the city. But the branches of Dare feminism in the Doubs and Territoire de Belfort protested vigorously. The neo-feminist association considers that the defense of Jonathann Daval places the responsibility for the crime on the victim. The lawyer, he simply ensures to explain the springs.

The controversy swelled on social networks and the window of the bookstore was covered with posters accusing the lawyer of complicity in feminicide. And the bookseller cracked, preferring to cancel the signing session. Whether or not we share the position of the author of the book, this pressure to sell a bookstore and prevent the Besançon lawyer from promoting his book is indeed cancel culture.

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But the problem does not end there. Dare feminism also criticizes the very practice of the profession of lawyer. Reading them, a lawyer who best defends this kind of criminal is an accomplice. The association also knowingly and wrongly uses the term assassination, whereas according to the final verdict of the Assises de Haute-Saône, it was a murder without premeditation. Obviously we can only deplore that the bookseller gave in to this pressure even if we understand it, given the first damage suffered by his establishment. Would the activists have gone further if this had not been the case?

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Chance of the calendar, Rokhaya Diallo, with positions close to this neo-feminism, was invited the same day to Besançon at the National Dramatic Center. She must speak within the framework of a round table entitled: “Nina Simone from yesterday to today: where are we with racial equality? “. Rokhaya Diallo has every right to speak in public. It can thus freely propagate its indigenist ideas, even within the framework of a public institution financed by the taxpayer, whose pluralism of activity would still have to be verified.

And by the way, Marianne is so attached to this principle of freedom of expression that Rokhaya Diallo is sometimes invited to express herself in a section that the newspaper has made it an honor to preserve since its creation: “They don’t (necessarily) think like us”. Until today, no degradation has been observed, no pressure has been exerted to prevent Rokhaya Diallo from expressing himself within the framework of the CND of Besançon. It is to be congratulated.

But we can all the same note that if she can express herself freely, this is not the case of Master Schwerdorffer in the same city at the same time. Nor is this the case with Geoffroy Lejeune, director of Current values at Sciences Po Paris, nor of Sylviane Agacinski at the University of Bordeaux nor of François Hollande at Sciences Po Lille. Expressing oneself publicly, without pressure, would it have become the privilege of the camp of good?

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