Joe Biden predicts a swing in favor of the Democrats for the midterm elections

The American president notably highlighted the “good news in the economy”, such as the drop in gasoline prices, a low unemployment rate and “the largest reduction ever recorded in the federal deficit”.

US President Joe Biden on Friday predicted a turnaround at the end of the campaign in favor of the Democrats in the next midterm elections on November 8, thanks to an improving economic situation, according to him.

“There’s been a lot of back and forth, with them (Republicans) in the lead, us in the lead, them in the lead, it’s fine, it’s coming,” the Democratic president told reporters at the White House, within three weeks of polling day.

“The polls have varied a lot. I think we will see another turn in our favor in the last few days,” he added, while the most recent polls rather gave the advantage to the Republicans.

“Good news in the economy”

The midterm elections will be crucial because they could tip the narrow majority of Democrats to the Republican side in Congress.

But according to Joe Biden, voters are starting to see “good news in the economy”, considered its weak point with very high inflation.

Joe Biden listed the gradual decline in gas prices, which had risen sharply, a low unemployment rate in most of the country, as well as the announcement on Friday of “the largest ever reduction in the federal deficit”. The federal deficit stood at $1.375 billion for the 2022 fiscal year ending in September, $1.4 trillion less than last year.

He also assured that the Republicans intended to eliminate the minimum tax rate for large companies and “double” the tax cuts for the richest.

An economic program that he described as “mega-MAGA runoff” in favor of the wealthiest, in reference to the slogan of former president and Republican billionaire Donald Trump (“Make america great again”).

“The kind of policy that has failed in the past and will fail again,” he added.

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