Joe Biden calls video and latest testimony from Capitol assault ‘overwhelming’

The President of the United States has reacted to never-before-seen footage of members of Congress calling for help during the storming of the Capitol in early 2021. Then-head of state Donald Trump is called to appear in the case.

United States President Joe Biden on Saturday called “damning” the latest testimony and filmed evidence presented by lawmakers investigating the 2021 Capitol storming, which includes a video where the heads of House of Representatives queue calling for help.

Joe Biden, speaking on a surprise visit to an Oregon state ice cream parlor where he is helping Democrat Tina Kotek’s gubernatorial campaign, called it ‘pretty overwhelming’ the file presented by the members of the commission of inquiry.

“I think the testimony and the video is really damning. And I’m trying my best not to comment and see what happens. But it’s…I think it’s damning,” said the American president to journalists

“But if I say more about it, you’re going to ask me – rightly – if I’m trying to influence the Attorney General. I’m not. I haven’t spoken with him at all. him.”

Never-before-seen footage of the assault

On Thursday, the House Investigative Committee on the Capitol Storming, which includes seven Democrats and two Republicans, released video showing congressional officials desperately calling for help during the intrusion.

In what was to be the committee’s final hearing before the crucial November midterm elections in the United States, lawmakers released never-before-seen footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others standing in a secure place.

The commission also concluded its hearing by subpoenaing former President Donald Trump to testify about his role in the Capitol storming.

The decision emerged as a dramatic epilogue to a hearing that was itself gripping, as the commission presented new evidence that Donald Trump planned to claim victory in the 2020 presidential election regardless of the results.

The ex-president had a ‘premeditated plan’ and formulated months before the vote to claim he had won on election night regardless of the vote count, Zoe told the hearing Lofgren, a member of the commission, citing evidence gathered by the commission.

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