James Corden ‘banned from Ryanair’ after altercation at famous New York restaurant

James Corden, 44, is under fire from critics on social media. Indeed, Keith McNally, the boss of a New York restaurant, accuses the famous animator of having behaved badly in his establishment “Balthazar”.

In an Instagram post, he explains that two of his managers reportedly told him that James Corden was “extremely rude” to a staff member. “He’s an extremely gifted actor, but as a man he’s a little moron. And the most abusive customer towards my servers that I have known since the opening of my restaurant 25 years ago”.

Apparently, James Corden found a hair in his plate and “demanded” a round of free drinks to the whole table. Still according to the restaurateur, the host would also have “screamed like crazy” at a server because the latter would have made a mistake when taking his wife’s order.

Keith McNally then decided to banish the host from his restaurant, before retracting shortly after. “James Corden just called me and apologized profusely. Having made mistakes myself before, I’m a big believer in second chances.”

On Twitter, Ryanair couldn’t help but add their two cents, announcing that James Corden was now banned from their airline with a picture of him covered by a general prohibition sign.

Is this a humorous tweet? Probably, Ryanair is known to have quite a teasing Twitter account.

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