its perforated intestines, the animal is not out of the woods

It was a more than heinous act that almost cost the life of Gaston, Christelle’s cat, in Montigny-le-Tilleul. While he was returning from a short outing, in the vicinity of the rue des Combattants, his masters did not find him in the best of shape…

Gaston is a wanderer. -DR

“He came back from a short two-hour walk on Sunday, around 11:30 a.m. He seemed very amorphous to us, he let himself go when we picked him up and stayed lying near his bowls,” explains Christelle. Worried, she decides to take him to a veterinarian on duty the same evening. “The vet didn’t find any injuries or anything. He gave him an antibiotic injection and told us he would be better the next day. »

>> Then, everything gets complicated.

>> Gaston, despite the operation, is not out of the woods.


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