“It’s a miracle”: in Gouvieux, she finds her lost cat… six years ago!

Without news of their little cat Venus for six years, this family from Gouvieux (Oise) had mourned. Their companion was not far away…

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Are you still looking for Venus?
On Friday, November 4, a veterinarian contacted Patricia Navarro, a resident of Gouvieux. ”
I was in shock, stupor. Our Venus was still alive after six years of wandering.

The veterinarian has found traces of the masters of Venus, a pretty cat with a tabby coat, thanks to her tattoo in her ear. A patient had gone to the clinic, with this abandoned feline in her arms. ”
Venus had been coming to their garden for three days to look for food. Since she wasn’t shy, they took her to their vet.

“We hope to give hope to other families”

Venus is now 18 years old. ”
I find myself with a little granny to get back in shape
“. She was found in Précy-sur-Oise, just six kilometers from her original home. ”
Some cats lose their sense of direction, this is obviously the case with our cat. She always had a tendency to wander around but we never worried because she always came home.
“When the Navarro family thought they would never see their companion again, they received this phone call”
“. ”
We hope to give hope to other families, in the same case, with our incredible story.

Since her return to Gouvieux, Venus has been examined by a veterinarian, who rehydrated her. His weight has not changed much. As of Monday, the feline will undergo a complete blood test and will be vaccinated. ”
For now, we’ve put her back in solitary confinement, in one of our rooms. We’re going slowly, so that she finds her bearings. She found two other cats she already knew at home. The reunion will take place gradually.

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