“it was so worth it”

Suzette Hall devotes her life to animal rescue. So she didn’t give up when this dog, terrified of humans, refused to be captured to be led to safety. Thanks to the patience of the benefactress, the young lady was finally convinced after 5 weeks of wandering.

Suzette Hall said to The Dodo that some rescues are easier to carry out than others. And this one was by far the most complicated.

“I was there day and night for so many days in a row”explained the founder of the association Logan’s Legacy Rescue.

An individual had indeed reported to him that a dog in very poor condition had already been prowling for 3 weeks in an industrial area of Los Angeles (United States).

Suzette therefore moved in a hurry to get her to safety quickly. But the latter, named worthdecided otherwise.

She was extremely afraid of humans and therefore not ready to trust.

Patience and kindness

“I tried a trap, food… in fact I tried everything! But nothing would work because the people who worked there were chasing her”told Suzette.

The young woman nevertheless managed to lure him into a fenced and secure courtyard intended for the guarding of trucks. But when she was ready to put a necklace around his neck, worth managed to escape.

For nearly 2 weeks, the Good Samaritan looked for the young dog everywhere, in vain. “I came back to it every day hoping that she would come back, but she never did”lamented Suzette.

Luckily, a man finally called her to let her know that he had seen worth. The rescuer therefore returned to the scene, determined this time to succeed in her mission.

The dog seemed exhausted by these last days of wandering. Also, his hair was extremely matted.

To the great surprise of Suzette, worth showed no reluctance to get into the car.

After a good grooming, an antiparasitic treatment and a hearty meal, worth was invigorated. She joined a foster family who now take care of her.

A couple has already offered to adopt him. She will soon be moving to her warm new home.

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“She was probably the hardest rescue I’ve ever done, but she was so worth it”concluded Suzette.


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