“It represents his entire transformation of a year”: a Nom d’un chien candidate! offers an original gift to Sandrine Dans

The biggest canine competition ever organized in Belgium continues on RTL TVI. Everyone proclaims it loud and clear: “The most beautiful is mine!”. But is it really? They were more than a thousand to register to try to prove it! But only one of them will be crowned “most beautiful dog of the year!”

It’s half the dog, and the other half is in the bag“. A master came to present his dog Torgan, a Tibetan mastiff. His presentation will certainly have marked the members of the jury since he came with a bag full of Torgan’s hair. “For a month, I harvested all his hair! “explains the owner.

But Torgan’s master didn’t stop there. He used his dog’s hair to make a gift… original to say the least! “You can even have it woven. So, if you allow me, I would like to offer Sandrine a little hat“.”In the hair of…?asks Sandrine.In Torgan’s hair! exclaims the master of the Tibetan mastiff.It represents all his transformation of a year“details the owner of the dog.

Delighted, Sandrine Dans explains: “When I’m cold in my shoots of Love is in the meadow, it will be welcome!She also asks:Is it possible to have mittens too?“Torgan’s master replies:”maybe next year“.

A gift that will certainly have marked Sandrine Dans!

Although the other members of the jury did not receive a gift, they still granted four big “yes!” to the beautiful Tibetan Mastiff. Torgan therefore goes to the final.

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